bikini bottom!

This is my buddy Kadek, who is playing with the jelly fish. No no no, this species is not sting. Trust me. This is a non stingy jelly fish, who is live in the salt lake in the Kakaban Island. This is located in East Borneo – Indonesia, near Derawan Island. We were playing just like in the bikini bottom, in the Sponge Bob movie :)

It was awesome! also so many marine lifes settled on the bottom. Let me say, fish, sea cucumber, sponge, that’s only few number that i can mention.

We were walking on the wood pathways, passing trough the forest in a small island, then we saw this paradise. We suddenly shut our mouth, just enjoy, and take a deep breath. It is spectacular view!

Well, I beg you guys to visit this nature heritage. You must be enjoy it. And, please do not hesitate, if you need a buddy, just call me :))

  1. hahaha.. ternyata maenannya di berau juga. gue ke kakaban tahun lalu.. emang dahsyat banget. :)

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